About Isaac Castillo

Hey, my name is Isaac. I have been doing design and web application development work for over 19 years. I enjoy solving hard problems with code and love getting the job done. I've worked with various frameworks/libraries and languages; PHP, MySQL, CSS, Sass, Vuejs, Reactjs, WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel and Rails, just to name a few. I consider myself a full stack web application developer and can jump into a project and become quickly rooted. I’m continuously reading and watching videos involving learning tutorials.... and that's what I do just for fun! I find it very fulfilling when a project has successfully been completed or when a full-on launch has deployed glitch-free. That’s just a little bit about me, but I would love to hear more about you and your project and how we can potentially work together.

My Early Rap Days & Journey to Echo Design

Soldiers of Christ My journey to website development may be different than most. A buddy and I were jamming out to old school rap music back in the day. It started with a keyboard and creating beats. I would write lyrics and would then be in charge of our first tape cover design. For those of you who don’t know what a cassette tape is, it was a cartridge that played music on a radio and on occasions you would have to rewind with a number two pencil. My first interaction with anything graphics was with Microsoft word. As you can see I was fond of Word Art when it first came out, as you can see in the picture (I'm on the left, yeah I had hair back then). I recall the paperclip assistant knocking on my screen to add more art :). The next design was a cd cover that I did with Corel Draw and after that I finally had a copy of Photoshop 5 in 1998. This started my side hustle in design and print work. I started doing cd covers for other groups, business cards and poster designs. The business cards I would print out and cut them out by hand at Kinkos using their cutters, only later to find a print reseller account that pushed me forward. While attending college for electrical engineering at A&M Kingsville I had some local clients that eventually asked me if I do any website stuff and it was then in 2004 in a small Kingsville apartment that I started my self learning of HTML, CSS code. I did my first client website for a Mexican restaurant there in Kingsville, Lydia's restaurant. The love for tacos was already there (LOL, always), but the love for code began. I loved it so much that I switched my major to Art and Graphic Design finally graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Shortly after this I joined forces with a buddy to learn php from a book that we both purchased, there was no stack overflow then so we learned everything the hard way. We quickly started creating our own content management system that still runs a few websites to this day. Now most of the work we do is programming and integration along with website builds.

Meet the Team

Isaac Castillo

Owner/Fullstack Developer

Abderrahmane Bamoussa (Abdo)

Front End Developer