Contractor Payroll Dashboard

Texas Finco

(The Client)

The Challenge

Texas Finco is a leader in the sports and entertainment industry, specializing in concessions and vending services for various events held in domes and arenas. However, the company faced an awkward situation when they learned that their payroll software was going to sunset. This software is essential to how Texas Finco pays their 600+ contractors, so finding a replacement became an urgent priority.

The Solution

To tackle this issue, we developed a Laravel-based application that integrated with Texas Finco’s payroll software, Gigwage. Gigwage's well-documented API allowed us to extend and customize it to fit the specific requirements of Texas Finco. We also provided a fully customizable dashboard that allowed the Texas Finco staff to log in, enter their contractors' information, and send payments after their events took place.

The application includes several nightly jobs that help sync the dashboard with the Gigwage software to ensure data consistency. This feature allows Texas Finco staff to save time on manual processes, such as updating contractor information and sending payments, while reducing the risk of human errors.

In addition, our solution lays a solid foundation for future development and functionality. Texas Finco's staff can leverage the platform to add new features and functionalities that streamline their operations further. This will ultimately allow them to focus on delivering quality services to their clients while reducing the burden of manual tasks.

The Results

In conclusion, our solution successfully addressed the challenge that Texas Finco was facing. By integrating Gigwage and customizing it to meet their needs, we provided a scalable and flexible platform that ensures accurate and efficient payroll management. The application's customizable dashboard and nightly jobs further streamline Texas Finco's operations, allowing them to focus on delivering quality services and growing their business.

Our company hired Isaac for a fairly big project and he was amazing to work with. Extremely professional, met deadlines, responded in a timely manner. Very helpful even after the project had been completed. We plan on using Echo Design Solutions in the future. I definitely recommend!